#FairfieldHarbourStrong - pulling together

Catholic Charities delivers supplies to Fairfield Harbor POA office. Thank you!

In the aftermath of Hurricane Florence, a strong community like Fairfield Harbour becomes even stronger. The resilient spirit of Fairfield Harbour is irrepressible. People step up where they are needed and reach out to help neighbors and friends.

The Fairfield Harbour POA leaders (FHPOA) led the way in organizing relief efforts. The Fairfield Harbour administrative staff became the source of accurate and essential information. Strong communication is key to knowing what to do next. Valuable information was communicated through daily email announcements and hardcopies were available at the POA office for those whose internet was down. The FHPOA office provided names and phone numbers of church and charitable groups offering help. Independent contractors were vetted before allowed to work in the community. An approved service vendor list was provided. The POA office became a general store by the generous donations of local church and charitable organizations. Residents are encouraged to pick up needed supplies.

The Red Cross offered daily meals from a food truck in the community center parking lot. Red Cross also donated cleaning supplies.

Here are a few examples of how a community like Fairfield Harbour helps each other:

  • Neighbors shared homes and food.

  • Dirty laundry was picked up and returned clean.

  • Prepared meals were provided and delivered by neighbors. Kitchens were shared.

  • FHPOA Maintenance Department sprayed for mosquitoes.

  • Free ice was delivered and distributed by FH volunteers.

  • Planet Fitness extended use of its facilities free of charge.

#FairfieldHarbourStrong. In the aftermath of Hurricane Florence, watch as we raise the sails to catch the wind into the future.

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