Lighting up the Night with the Glow Ball Tourney held at Harbour Point Golf Club

May 8, 2018

Photo above: Marcia D. Werneke left, her dog Shelia and Joy Harsen.  Marcia says, “As a new golfer, I’m enjoying all aspects of golf including the fresh air, riding around with friends in carts, and cheering on a great shot but the game can sometimes be a little bit frustrating. In playing glowball, however, it is all for fun and fun for all. It almost felt as if we were children playing “hide & seek” in the dark or going on our first “trick or treat” run.”


Looking for a new slant on your golf game? Try teeing off at night in a Glow Ball Tournament. With the help of glow in dark golf balls and necklaces, golfers enjoyed a new perspective on their game.




Mark Cole, assistant golf pro at Harbour Pointe Golf Club (photo left), explained the Glow Ball Tourney attracted 44 players on Friday, April 13. Glow Ball is a popular par 3, 9 hole, “after dark” event where mini glow sticks are inserted inside a hard plastic ball. Tee off and watch them fly down the fairway like a streaming comet. The game is played without keeping score. The Glow Ball performs at 75% of its normal value but the excitement of playing after dark and the comradery is unbeatable. The players enjoyed the evening and played from 7-10:30 pm, then spent the next 30-40 minutes swapping stories about their Glow Ball experiences.

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