Fairfield resident writes swashbuckling tale!

History tells us much of two real lady pirates, Anne Bonny and Mary Read, who roamed the Jamaican and southeastern seacoast in the late 1600s and early 1700s. However, full details of their escapades have not been recorded. This is where Fairfield Harbour resident, Bill Furney, a native of coastal Carolina where pirate legends like Blackbeard are omnipresent, has stepped in to fill in the blanks with his own version of ‘what if?’ Based on his in-depth research combined with a wild imagination, Furney brings the piratesses back to life in an unforgettable way and gives us a window into life in the early Carolina colonies. The result of his creativity is a bawdy, swashbuckling tale full of colorful characters. From the gentle giants, Kofi, a slave turned blacksmith, and Asku Dare, who holds the answer to one of history's most enduring mysteries, to Ann’s brilliant eight-year-old son Tye, an unwitting hero who uses his genius and wit to survive among the harshest of violent and greedy adults, the characters come to life and engage readers in a way that won’t allow you to put the book down and go to bed.  It is an adventure story of revenge and reconciliation, guile and wit, humor and despair, love and hate, with a plot full of twists and turns that will keep you in suspense until the last page.


The book is historical fiction, mystery, action, nautical adventure, and human relationships will appeal to both male and female readers.


As an aside, the “Black Hearts White Bones Pirate Flag Design Contest” was won by Harbour resident Nicole Britt, who works at Harbour Pointe Golf Course. “Black Hearts White Bones” has achieved a five-star rating on Amazon and is available for purchase in paperback, kindle, and audio formats at amazon.com.

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