Bomb Cyclone leaves behind beauty as well as inconvenience

January 10, 2018


In January of 2017, Fairfield Harbour was enjoying 70 degree days while boating and golfing. But January 2018 proved winter still has her fury. Most folks living on the east coast of the US in January experienced the Bomb Cyclone - otherwise known as Winter Storm Grayson. Fairfield Harbour was no exception. A bomb cyclone is a standard meteorological term for a rapidly strengthening, spinning storm and Winter Storm Grayson was forecast to be one of the strongest. Plunging temperatures in eastern North Carolina threatened power outages and water line breaks. Fortunately, residents in Fairfield Harbour did not lose power and there were very few water line breaks. The biggest problem was the roads were impassable for several days. So, Fairfield Harbour residents hunkered down and took the snow days! Here is sneak peak of the beauty Grayson left behind. 


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