Fairfield Harbour Yacht Club cruises to Cape Lookout – the North Carolina Bahamas.

July 7, 2017


One of the group cruises planned for Fairfield Harbour Yacht Club (FHYC) is a highlight of the season for most boaters. Destination: Cape Lookout – the North Carolina Bahamas. The only way to get to the pristine aqua blue waters and protected island is by boat.


A fleet of boats will depart Fairfield Harbour for the popular Outer Banks on Friday, July 14 and return Thursday, July 20. The journey will entail cruising down the Neuse River to Adams Creek (the Intracoastal Waterway), out the Beaufort Inlet and up the coast to Cape Lookout.


Each FHYC cruise has a cruise leader. The FHYC cruise captains are experienced boaters and know the local waters. They know exactly when to exit the Beaufort Inlet. You never go out the inlet with the tide coming in. Read your charts carefully and stay in the channel. The area around the inlet is busy so you will encounter lots of small boat traffic and with a little wind this area can get very choppy.


Once you arrive at Cape Lookout you are struck with the majestic beauty of the NC coast. From the Cape, you can get a panoramic view of the Atlantic Ocean. The water is clear and takes on a “Bahama look” with aqua blue water and shifting sands. You can watch the sun rise from the ocean and set in the ocean from the same location. The Lighthouse at Cape Lookout is one of North Carolina’s most well recognized historical features. Protected as a National Seashore, Cape Lookout is free from development and feels like the wild and pristine place it should be. Ah, this is a cruising boater’s delight.


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